Use AI to optimize for conversion & revenue growth


How it works


Predict the next best action

We boost your data with our trusted signals exchange to uncover insights and identify individuals most likely to benefit from engagement.

Experiment to accelerate

Our application runs experiments to test and verify those insights, optimizing engagement to accelerate your funnel velocity.

Measure the impact

We continuously measure against your baseline and report against revenue goals, so you can always track how your results are improving.

Automatically improve

With, your digital funnels will become a flywheel. You’ll automatically improve decision making as you continuously learn from every interaction with your customers.

Use our forecasting application to:

  • Help customers connect faster and more deeply with your value proposition

  • Acquire new customers more efficiently

  • Determine the best products to increase customer value

  • Spot churn risk earlier and deploy the best strategy to keep those customers

Want to see it in action?

Download the Kanetix case study to see how your business can increase conversions by 23%. And to learn more, please simply contact us.