Could something like measurement, which seems boring on the surface, actually be the secret to getting value from machine learning? Measurement isn’t always what you think it is. Great product developers and applied machine learning practitioners are finding creative ways to incorporate it as part of their feedback loops and machine learning products. In this episode, Kathryn Hume talks with Danny Lange, the VP of and Machine Learning at Unity Technologies. In addition to discussing the role of measurement in putting reinforcement learning systems into production, they also dive into why gaming is an excellent simulation ground for the some of the most exciting developments in applied machine learning and reinforcement learning research.

You’ll learn about:

  • What reinforcement learning is and how it works

  • How to overcome the challenges of getting great labeled data

  • The important role of measurement in reinforcement learning

  • Exploring counterfactuals within the context of reinforcement learning

  • Working on machine learning in the gaming industry

About Danny

Danny’s LinkedIn profile and company Unity Technologies.