In our latest episode of the In Context Podcast, we're joined by Eric Colson, the Chief Algorithms Officer for Stitch Fix, an online subcription personal shopping service whose tech blog, Multithreaded, may have the coolest algorithms tour on the internet. In a fascinating discussion, he and Kathryn Hume analyze how Stitch Fix's engineering culture works, including what they value, what they look for in new hires, and how they’ve architected their platform to enable astounding success. You'll also hear about the critical role that autonomy plays in how Eric organizes his data science teams.

In this episode, you'll learn about:

  • The importance of autonomy in the workplace

  • How autonomy should look at both the department and individual levels

  • The role of autonomy as a driver of job satisfaction and business outcomes

  • Best practices for building autonomous data science teams

About Eric:

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