We care about your reputation as much as you do.

That’s why our platform is focused on privacy, security, and trust. Our privacy-preserving machine learning provides technical guarantees and controls to keep consumer data safe and secure. Let our platform take care of governance so you can scale AI across your enterprise safely and securely.



End-to-end data encryption

Access controls and anomaly detection

Multi-cloud compatibility


Differentially private machine learning

Risk-based de-identification

PIPEDA & GDPR compliance


Model fairness assessments

Model prediction

Explainable machine learning

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We pride ourselves on being thought leaders on responsible AI.

Check out our white paper, blog posts, and videos to find out how to earn and maintain customer trust in the age of AI.


Is AI Exploiting Your Customers or Building Stronger Relationships with Them?

Can the future perpetuate the past? In this webinar, we talk about bias and other ethical problems that happen when machine learning systems aren’t designed with responsible AI in mind. How do you create experiences that are more meaningful to and respectful of customers?


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