Data Science
Collaboration at Scale,
Without Moving Data

Speed up data evaluation, unblock siloed data, and
expand your partner network with the Federated Data Science Platform
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We Help Data & Analytics Providers Easily Collaborate with Enterprise Data Science Teams

Powered by federated learning technology, removes the most prevalent problems associated with data collaboration because data never moves
Exponentially More Efficient PoCs

Accelerate the data evaluation process by never having to move your data

Unlock Data Experimentation

Dramatically increase your ability to experiment with 3rd-party data

Infrastructure Agnostic

Extends and is non-disruptive to existing data platform investments

Evaluate Multiple Datasets, Simultaneously

The platform supports the evaluation of multiple data products across several data providers

Make Data Evaluations More Collaborative

Seamlessly connecting data & analytics providers with their enterprise customers in a shared environment for evaluation

You Control Your Data

Set governance controls that dictate what can and can’t be done with your data



Rapid Deployment

AI/ML Ready



Rapid Deployment

AI/ML Ready

Data Science Jobs We Support

Match Rate Analysis

Discover the overlapping population between your data and your partner's data without exposing individual records

Exploratory Data Analysis

Generate summary statistics on a dataset to learn about the properties and distributions of the data you are evaluating

Correlation Analysis

Understand the magnitude of the relationships between features in your dataset and the dataset you are evaluating

Model Performance Analysis

Train a model using datasets across different organizations, and understand how the model accuracy changes when different datasets are included

Feature Importance & Data Influence

Quantify the impact of individual features and datasets, based on their influence on the global model

Model Validation

Test a third-party model to evaluate its ability to accurately predict outcomes based on your proprietary data

Integrates with your
favorite data science tools

What Data & Analytics Leaders are Saying

We’ve got dozens of use cases where data is in multiple places and we need to get them all connected. This is where can really help us, there’s not going to be a shortage of use cases.

Global Head of Data Science

Enterprise Reinsurance

For me, in an ideal scenario, every client that we try to sell to would use your solution. It can help us shorten our sales cycle and get to revenue faster.


Data & Analytics Provider

Moving data is not a small undertaking. I think can be a big help in streamlining our sales process and helping us move more quickly with data consumers.

Partnerships Leader

Enterprise Data & Analytics Provider

From what I’ve seen, I think can help solve the privacy and data-sharing component of data evaluations. This can make it easier because data doesn’t move. This is what any of the clean room providers are trying to solve.

Data & Analytics Leader

Enterprise P&C Insurance

I think can help us solve a few challenges we experience when working with data consumers. This can really help us in the areas of moving our data and increasing collaboration.

Vice President

Data & Analytics Provider

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