The future is federated.

We help developers solve the world’s most important problems by unlocking the value from sensitive data, without increasing risk.

That's why we're building tools for privacy-safe machine learning and analytics for the distributed future of data.

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Distributed Data

Valuable data is becoming harder to access.

How can we deliver data-driven products when the very nature of data is changing?
Increasingly distributed data
Data of all types are being generated and stored in the cloud, on prem, and increasingly at the edge.
Increasing volumes of data
The cost of de-identifying, moving, centrally storing, and managing high volumes of data can be prohibitive.
Stricter privacy regulations
HIPAA, GDPR, PIPEDA, CCPA and other regulations limit the ways data can come together, especially across jurisdictions.
Designed for developers

Out-of-the box federated learning

We've eliminated the complexity of building and managing federated learning and analytics infrastructure, so that you can focus on your products.
API-based: With the SDK and managed infrastructure, seamlessly incorporate federated learning and analytics into your product workflow without needing to reinvent the wheel.
Flexible: supports multiple different architectures and many algorithms, so that you have flexibility to develop your app to your specifications.