Federated Data Science Platform

Increase your data science experimentation capacity and seamlessly collaborate with third-parties with the integrate.ai Federated Data Science Platform. Our data evaluation capabilities make it safe and easy for organizations to connect to external or private data for rapid experimentation. Data science teams can comprehensively evaluate new datasets in their own environment, all without data having to move.

Secure & Flexible Capabilities

Run Data Science Workloads Across Distributed Data

Federated analytics and modeling tools that support a full spectrum of data science capabilities, from match rate analysis to predictive modeling.

Granular Data Governance at the Data Science Job Level 

Controlled experimentation environments, where data owners can restrict the types of data science jobs that can be run and limit the accessibility of the results.

Integrates into Existing Data Science Environments 

Leverage data cross-cloud or on-prem. Connects with any data science platform. 
customer Connect

Easily Sell Data &
Analytics Products

Sell your data product in a more transparent, collaborative and repeatable way
Make the data evaluation process 10x faster and avoid costly PoCs and protracted sales cycles, because data doesn't have to move
Leverage guided evaluation flows to help your customers see the most value from your data products
Vendor Connect

Improve Data Science Projects with Data & Models from External Parties

Unlock a better process for collaborating with external data partners
Broaden your evaluation capabilities, connect to multiple vendors and compare across data products, all without data moving
Strategic Connect

Enhance Ongoing Data Collaboration with Strategic Partners

Create a catalog of your data and enable strategic partners to access it in a secure environment
Enable safe data collaboration on your sensitive data with select partners
Increase the volume of experimentation and make better data product recommendations to your partners
Internal Connect

Enable Data Science Work Across Internal Boundaries

Seamlessly collaborate internally on data science projects without data moving across governance boundaries
Access a secure collaboration space connecting internal teams with each other and their respective data sources
Platform Benefits

Why integrate.ai?

Data Never Moves

Your data remains securely within your environment under your full control at all times. Your sensitive information never moves or gets copied to our systems.

Privacy by Design

Differential privacy and homomorphic encryption provide next level security and privacy protection.

Secure & Enterprise Ready

We employ enterprise-grade encryption, along with a robust and flexible Role Based Access Control and permissions system to ensure the security of our platform.