Help build the future of AI where people and values come first

We love people is a values- and mission-driven start-up founded in 2017, and based out of Toronto.

Our culture is a vibe. It is intentional, with diversity and inclusion at the heart of it. Our culture is how we work together toward a common goal. It is trust, it is belonging, it is great leadership.

Our team is on a mission to create the best place to work on the planet. Read on to learn more about what we're doing!

Some of our most recent quarterly engagement scores show:

Work-life blend: 94% favourable score Employee wellbeing and having a flexible approach to work has always been a pillar of our culture. We understand that you have a personal and professional life, and those are not mutually exclusive.
Management & leadership: 97% favourable score We care more. Our management and leadership team is transparent, dedicated to helping their team grow, and always open to feedback.
Learning & development: 91% favourable score We love to learn and have the best teachers! Growth has always been such an important part of our day to day, where everyone understands the contributions and impact they're having while developing skills relevant to their interests. values diversity: 92% favourable score Our team feel that they can be their true authentic self and are respected in the workplace. They feel we value diverse backgrounds of all kinds.

Our Values

Other important pillars of our culture include hiring the right people, being vision/mission driven, inclusion/equity/diversity/belonging, and promoting feedback. And no matter what, we never compromise on our values. They reflect our uniqueness and shape our culture, and serve as guideposts on our journey to accomplishing our mission.

Love People

We care about the impact that our products and actions have on people. We create continuous opportunities to improve and grow by giving and receiving feedback generously. We treat all people with humility, compassion, and empathy. We choose to assume positive intent to open ourselves to closer connection and understanding.

Build Trust

We define ourselves through our actions. We are transparent and act with integrity. We show up in good times and in bad and always have each other’s backs. We debate each other’s opinions with vigor and respect. When a decision is made, we commit to it and move forward.

Focus on Impact

We make the company better every day through ruthless prioritization, constantly cutting good to focus on great. We challenge each other to think boldly and to think bigger. Failure or success, we move with certainty and speed. Done is better than perfect.

Take Action

We move quickly from strategy to execution. Scoping our work as experiments enables us to learn fast by iterating. We are all owners. Nothing at is someone else’s problem.

Be Present

We give people and our activities our full attention. This enables us to stay open to new perspectives, fully understand context, focus on what matters, and find the right integration of work and home. We constantly search for a better way and are open to moving past our own position for a new one.

We are a people-first company.

It is important for us to offer a robust benefits package that gives our team access to health and wellness resources they need. When it comes to taking care of our diverse group of employees and their families, we compare ourselves to much larger companies.
Comprehensive Benefits Package including Virtual Health
$1000 for mental health coverage
Generous Time Off Policy and Paid Parental Leave Program
Apple Hardware
Downtown Toronto Office with direct access to St. Patrick Station
Competitive salary with transparent compensation philosophy and stock options
Twice yearly performance review with salary increase evaluations
Free state of the art, gym & pool in building

Sound interesting? Here is a snapshot of our hiring process*

We are intentional about our hiring process. We take pride in leaving no stone unturned to create a great candidate experience. There are a lot of steps here, but know that our process is two-way. We want you to interview us too and make sure we are the right fit for YOU!

Before we talk to you

  • Written Role Definition outlined by Hiring Manager: This includes Job Description, core competencies, 30/60/90 exercise, interview plan, assigning the interview team, and interview questions with good + great answers.
  • Hiring Team Calibration: Meeting with Hiring Manager and Hiring Team to review role definition and questions.

After you apply

  • Recruiter and/or Technical introductory Phone Screen
  • 2-4 x Functional Interviews
  • 2 x Values/Cultural-Add Interviews
  • 1 x Interview with our Founder & CEO (Steve meets with everyone, because hiring is one of the most important things we do!)
  • Round-Up: We round-up on our candidates within 48hrs!! We do not want our candidates waiting to hear from us.
*While we strive to keep our process as standard as possible - each role is unique so the actual number of interviews may vary. What does not vary is that we continuously strive for a bias-free interview culture and aim for an incredible, seamless experience for each and every one of our candidates.

Want to know why we use pineapples? Apply here!

Check out our current job opportunities:
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