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Monetize your data assets without selling your data.

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Safe, simple data monetization

You don’t need to give up control of your data or risk exposing sensitive and private information in order to monetize it. is the SDK for secure data connectivity and data science orchestration that offers a way to turn your data into a revenue-generating product without complex and costly efforts to anonymize, aggregate, and audit it. Get the most out of your data, without any of the risk.
Turn your data into a new source of revenue: Enable your customers to do exploratory data analysis, generate insights, and train machine learning models on your data.
Reduce the risks of selling your data: Your customers never get direct access to your raw data, so you retain full control over it.
Save time and money on data preparation: Simplify the process to stand up a data product, since you do not need to anonymize, aggregate, or audit it.

Unlock data monetization, for every industry.

Customer or vehicle geodata

Retail data

Medical imaging data

Agricultural data

Credit data

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Use our compliant and secure data connector and processor to enable your customers to do exploratory data analysis, and generate analytics and machine learning models on your data, without directly providing access to the raw data.

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