Unlock the full value of your distributed health data for machine learning.
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Security, Privacy & Trust

Makes security and privacy easy

We power federated learning and analytics products that your users trust.

federated learning and analytics

Data never moves.

With federated learning and analytics, your partners' data never leave their servers, so they always retain complete control of their private data on your platform.
Local data processing: Local models are trained where the data lives, not the other way around.
Data minimization: Only local model parameters are sent to a central server where they are aggregated to create a global model.
Privacy by design: Technologies like differential privacy, homomorphic encryption, and secure multi-party computation provide next level security and privacy protection.
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Security & Privacy features

Built to build trust

integrate.ai provides you with rich features to meet and exceed your compliance needs.
Data governance: Data custodians have full control over what datasets they register to a federated learning network and can deregister them at any time.
Access control: Flexibly manage user access, permissions, and authentication through integrate.ai APIs.
Differential privacy: An added layer of protection included by default into any model training or analytics workflow.
Audit logging: All activity is logged, and auditable in the integrate.ai management portal.

Trusted Provider

We're here to support your compliance goals.

Learn more about how we build security and privacy into our platform and processes, so that we empower you to comply with your partners' requirements:
Terms of service & DPA/BAA: Our flexible contracting vehicles outline what information we process on your behalf and how we protect it.
Isolated architecture: Each of our customer workspaces are deployed in isolated environments for increased protection.
Enterprise security: We employ robust technical and organizational measures to ensure the security of our platform.
Data Protection Officer: Our DPO is available to answer any of your privacy questions at privacy@integrate.ai.



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