Execute more of your product roadmap, with less.

Generate more value for existing customers and create network effects with new product features that harness customers' collective intelligence.

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Unlock the full value of your customers' data.

With federated learning and analytics, build data-driven products leveraging your customers' distributed data, even if it can't move.
Build better models and analytics: Improve your software and service offerings by training models and running analytics across your customers' private data.
Enable data collaboration: Empower your customers with privacy-preserving machine learning and analytics across data on your platform.

Privacy is your enabler.

Your customers are protective of their data. integrate.ai is built to satisfy the strictest customer and regulatory data privacy requirements.
Data doesn't move: Only aggregated analytics and model parameters leave your customers' servers, so your customers retain complete control of their data and comply with all regulatory requirements.
Privacy assurance: Privacy enhancing technologies, like differential privacy, protect all personal and sensitive information from being reidentified by bad actors.
Trusted deployment: Easily deploy the central server on integrate.ai secure architecture.

Quickly deploy new features powered by distributed data.

Accelerate your product roadmap with the production-ready platform for federated learning and analytics. With IntegrateFL SDK, you can get new features up and running in a week.

API-based platform

Integrate federated learning and analytics seamlessly into your product.

Managed infrastructure

Save engineering time from building out complex network infrastructure.

Off-the-shelf tooling

Use the complete data science workflow and manage network administration without additional dev work.

What big problems will you solve?

Empower researchers with more data.

Enable more data sharing while complying with HIPAA, GDPR, and other regulations.
Expand collaboration on you data platform.
Improve your product's predictive models.

Build pipeline quicker with better models.

Enable more patient data sharing at scale while meeting data privacy and IP requirements.
Expand collaboration on your data platform.
Accelerate target selection and compound screening on your platform.

Offer value-added intelligence services.

Train models and run analytics on distributed customer data stored at their sites.
Access data that your customers do not want to send to the cloud.
Train better models for predictive maintenance, performance optimization, and quality control.

Deliver more powerful predictive models.

Access your customers' data, without risking their sensitive information.
Save your customers time and money with more accurate automation.
Leverage your customers' collective intelligence to improve their logistics, operations, and supply chain.

Make financial data more accessible.

Empower banks and insurance companies to work together to detect and prevent fraud.
Banks catch fraudulent transactions earlier.
Insurance companies manage total claims costs.

Serve ads more accurately.

Build better ad targeting models without moving or aggregating consumer data.
Leverage behavior data across platforms.
Optimize bidding strategy to deliver lower CPM.


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