Train models and do analytics on private and siloed user data

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Unlock the full value of your users' data.

Build data-driven products leveraging your users' private and siloed data, even if it can't move.
Build better models and analytics: Improve your software and service offerings by training models and running analytics across your customers' private data.
Enable data collaboration: Empower your customers with privacy-preserving machine learning and analytics across data on your platform.

Privacy is your enabler.

Your customers are protective of their data. is built to satisfy the strictest customer and regulatory data privacy requirements.
Data doesn't move: Only aggregated analytics and model parameters leave your customers' servers, so your customers retain complete control of their data and comply with all regulatory requirements.
Privacy assurance: Privacy enhancing technologies, like differential privacy, protect all personal and sensitive information from being reidentified by bad actors.
Trusted deployment: Easily deploy the central server on secure architecture or in your own environment.

Focus on building. We'll take care of the federation.

Accelerate your product roadmap with our production-ready platform. SDK: APIs seamlessly integrate the federated learning and analytics workflow directly into your product.
Managed Infrastructure: Save engineering time with automated infrastructure provisioning and orchestration.
Built-in admin tools: You don't need to build admin tools from scratch to manage users, generate secure tokens, and connect datasets, unlike using open source.

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