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Activate your data silos

We help organizations integrate AI to solve the world’s most important problems without risking the world’s most sensitive data.

The only way to safely access data for AI is to move models, not data

Move models, not data with integrate.ai to safely activate data silos at any scale and complexity.

Single party projects

Break down internal data silos across departments, subsidiaries, geographies, and environments. Multinational data science, Cross-banner analysis, Open data researchMulti-cloud analytics & AI

1:1 partnerships

Safely collaborate with external data partners to utilize data you otherwise could not accessSupply chain logistics, Co-marketing/selling, Partnership/M&A evaluation, Hospital operations

Clean intelligence networks

Create dynamic intelligence networks with multiple partners, at any scale, with any data, anywhere. Modern clinical trials, AI drug discovery, Risk modeling Fraud detection / AML

The safe data collaboration platform

integrate.ai is the safe data collaboration platform that enables data science leaders to activate data silos by moving models, not data.

Unlock quality data at scale

Collaborate within and across organizations, jurisdictions, and environments without moving data

Reduce collaboration effort

Efficiently collaborate without copying, centralizing, or transferring data directly

Protect privacy & trust

Avoid compliance hurdles through a trusted platform with baked-in security, safety, and privacy

We empower the most sensitive and complex AI collaborations

Network Partners


Research Studies Enabled


Genomics Data Analyzed

4,000 TB

Unlocked use cases

Modern Clinical Trials
Insurance Risk Management
Retail Health Operations
AI Drug Discovery
Healthcare Operations
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